Aoro Sigu

Aoro Sigu is the second born son of Elizabeth and Mark. He studies hard to become a doctor. He meets Wandia Mugo Medical school thereafter the two gets married and have four children; Daniel, Lisa, Mugo and Kipusa.

Bright and relentless

He is always at the top of his class making distinctions in sciences, a feat that is highly regarded in Kenya, which lands him to medical school.

In medical school he meets Wandia Mugo an equally brilliant student. The two are neck to neck in class taking the first two slots. In anatomy, Aoro loses to Wandia.

This defeat makes him take a very tough challenge; dating Wandia. She turns him down severally but Aoro is relentless. He finally wins her over.

Playful/Innovative/Keen Observer/Naughty/Mischievous

Aoro and Tony love playing just like any other young people. Their mischief lands them in trouble. When Opiyo almost drowns, they are reprimanded by their father.

He observes Tony’s stitches after he had come from hospital with interest and with a dexterity that was amazing, managed to successfully operate on a frog.

Aoro’s naughtiness lands him in trouble again in high school where he is suspended on disciplinary grounds. Mark punishes him by sending him out to fend for himself.

Level headed and Reasonable

Aoro is level headed. In many societies in Africa, women overachievers are always looked at as loose cannons or feared for their open mindedness. Aoro embraces his wife’s higher educational accolades and respectfully loves her as who she is.

He is pragmatic enough to reason with his father and change Mark’s perception of the Gikuyu.

Supportive and loving

Aoro decides not to further his studies in Medicine. He takes to private practice. However, he supports his wife’s endeavours to further her career. Wandia says that she almost gave up but his determination and support gave her the agility to go on.

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