Best Romantic Novels Every Teenager Should be Reading

In My Literature Lesson today, I want to look at some of the best romantic novels for teenagers out there. The December holiday is here with us, no school does not mean no reading. Right? Let’s face it; if you have teenagers, the debate over what they should be reading is almost a lost cause. They read what they want (and probably what you don’t want) over the internet anyway. However, the battle is not fully lost if you change your strategy.

We all love romantic stories; teenagers are no exception. The trick here is to ‘point them to the right direction’. A good way to do this is buy them a good romantic novel once in a while in the hope that they will develop the habit of reading for themselves.

For starters, I have compiled a list of the best romantic novels recommended for teenagers in Kenya and around the world. They are not arranged in any particular order though – they are all master classes in my opinion.

  • “Crown Duel” by Sherwood Smith:

We all love adventure during our teenage years and this book does not disappoint on that score. The story revolves around teenage Countess Meliara who finds herself at the royal palace Athanarel in the Capital City, Remaina. Mel’s attempts to adjust to courtly life are comically presented but she soon finds support in her brother’s fiancée who helps her along. The romance between Mel and Vidnaric, here, is both amusing and mesmerizing.

  • “Going Too Far” by Jennifer Echols:

This book will really strike a chord with your teenager as its main character, Meg, wants to escape away from her hometown and her parents who want to suffocate her in their ‘dull’ lives. She finally gets her wish when she goes to Miami to enjoy the beach but things get a bit dicey when she and her friends encounter a cop by the name John.

  • “Sloppy firsts: A Jessica Darling Novel” by Megan Mccafferty:

This book will capture your teenager’s attention from the onset; its vivid bright cover is eye-catching. Jessica, the main character, is every girl’s best friend; a straight ‘A’ student with a crush who barely notices her and the mysterious Marcus Flutie, who constantly keeps getting her into trouble. Once your teenage daughter starts reading this, she’ll not put it down – I promise you.

  • “Graceling” by Kristin Cashore:

Every teenager loves to think about what it would feel like to have power. This romantic novel takes us into the fantasy world of Katsa, the warrior girl with unmatched beauty, but with the ability to kill and this makes her a Graceling – a being with special talents. Whereas her uncle wants to exploit Katsa’s powers for his own sake, she has other ideas up her sleeve. Katsa has no friends but that is before she meets another Graceling, who not only challenges her opinions and decisions, but also brings warmth into her heart.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of all the best romantic books for teenagers out there but it is a good starting point to help your teenager develop and sustain the habit of not just reading but reading the right stuff.

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4 years ago

nice stuff…i’ll defiinately try and buy one and just a reminder yeah…there’s a question i sent but am yet to receive any feedback…can you please look into it plz….

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