This section features young and upcoming poets mostly drawn from Kenyan Secondary schools and colleges.


Imprisoned by Lurve – Gerishon Kibe, Gitithia Secondary School, Lari.


I saw you image slide across the sky,

Glaring by like a shooting star,

Blinding the north as it went by,

Too bright and too quick to hold,

Too lovely to be bought or sold,

Only good to make wishes on.


Well persistence wears resistance,

That’s a fact that all the scholars,

Are true about their collars

My intention is to get your attention,

For I will walk at your pace,

Because I crave to embrace.


Poised, yet another day,

Will I find you on my way?

But I don’t know what to say,

Well, if you’re the one,

Be sure my larney,

I’ll tire you with lurve.


When I glance that chance,

Be sure I will pounce,

For I am not faking,

For my loins are aching,

Even by having the thought,

Of caressing you through the night.


Gerishon Kibe a.k.a – Mr. Intricate