This is when two people are presented in a manner that highlights their differences. Contrasting characters and incidents are used severally in the novel.

There is a contrast between Owuor and Otieno. Owuor is hardworking whereas Otieno is very lazy. Otieno marries many wives i.e. six whereas his brother Owuor only has one. We are further told that Otieno treats his wives like sluts whereas Owuor treats his like a queen.

There is also a contrast in Akoko’s sons. Obura was an active and inquisitive son while his brother Owang Sino was very quiet and reserved.

There is also a contrast between Vera and Becky. Vera is generous, loving and caring whereas Becky is egocentric and jealous. For instance, Vera is concerned that she is not woken up when Aoro is taken ill but for Becky these are boring stories.

The marriage between Akoko and Owuor is contrasted with that of Mark and Elizabeth. In Akoko’s case, a lot of bride price was paid but in Elizabeth’s she is given out almost for free.

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Alex Minzian
4 years ago

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Bilali issa got a bling
Bilali issa got a bling
3 years ago

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abdi jamaa
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2 years ago

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