Dream Motif


This is the use a series of dreams within a text. Various dreams are presented and which carry with them various messages and implications.

It is through dreams that the livings are connected to the dead. This is seen for instance through Akoko’s great uncle, Obanda who sends a dream through her father and grandmother and the child is given a name.

Dreams also bring hope from the spirit world. This is seen through Maria’s dream where she dreams that Obura comes to her with a beetle which turns into a beautiful bird, the colour of the sky. This is interpreted that the dead brother wants the unborn baby named after him.

Dreams have also seen to influence characters action and hence build the plot. This is seen in Vera’s dream after breaking up with Tommy where she feels herself moving so fast towards the horizon and hangs at the edge which falls into a bottomless abyss. This is perhaps, an indication that she needs to take a grip over her life. She feels empty and hence accepts to join Anne to the recollection to fill the emptiness in her life.

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