Flashback refers to the author’s regression or reference to the past. Events that took place sometime ago are relived to elaborate the present or the future.

After the death of Akoko, Awiti is deeply affected and inconsolable. The mother, Nyabera, tries to console her by telling her of how Akoko grew in a flashback. “She was the most beautiful girl in the whole village and the eldest daughter of the great chief Odero Gogni and the apple of his eye. Twelve suitors came……he was a young chief and single and his name was Owuor Kembo….”(pg 154)

Wandia, during a visit to Aoro when he was an Intern, remembers her childhood.”…she was lost in thoughts of her childhood, running bare foot in the red fertile volcanic soil, after her mother- going home after a hard day’s work. She and her mother had always been very close and having been named after her maternal grandmother, her mother had never referred to her as anything but mami….”(pg 255)

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