Foreshadow / Foreboding


This is a feeling or sign of an event set to happen in future. When news comes that Obura had been seen boarding on to the white man’s vehicle, Akoko gets the feeling that she will never see her son again. “A low moan from the direction of the main hut was heard, the first sound in three days……The fearful premonition of doom that only a mother, closely connected as she is to the child, can sense , was in the air.” (pg 57). The family later receives the news that Obura died in the white man’s war.

After Obura’s disappearance and death the author foreshadows more tragedy by saying, “The family had been touched by tragedy and tragedy can sometimes be a habitual drunk who keeps coming back for more.” Obura’s death is then followed by Owour Kembo’s, Owang’ Sino’s and Nyabera’s babies.

When Nyabera tells Akoko of her dream about Obura, Akoko tells her “I think your brother is trying to tell you something, to bring a message of hope from the spirit world…….May Were find it in his heart to fill our hearts with laughter again. (pg76). This later becomes true when Nyabera’s daughter is blessed with a large family. When Mark hands Elizabeth a telegram, “Firm, decisive Elizabeth….had the most oppressive premonition of doom pressing in on her from all sides and she simply could not make any sensible move.”(pg 200). Eventually, just as she feared, her mother dies.

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Patrick Okumu
Patrick Okumu
3 years ago

Its good 2 students like me

2 years ago

Good work
Your notes are so enlightening
I will appreciate if you send me note on oral poetry and literature to my e-mail

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