The writer has employs humour in his play. He portrays Mulili humorously. His broken English and barely comprehensible talks ease the tense moments that keep building in the play. Some of the funny statements he makes include;

The green grass in the snake instead of the green snake in the grass to refer to hypocrites.

Sometimes I wonder why you possession that thing between your legs

You must apology to me this, now (pg 57)

You plays with fire you goat!

Mulili’s attempt to communicate in English is laughable. “Who you call child eeh? Jere you tell him. Tell him what I does with stubborn old mens’ (pg 8)

“Big coward. Why you doesn’t let her get on with it. How many I have seen and I am still Mulili with my two eyes, natural? Look, no goggles” (pg 9)

Mulili’s disjointed English is a pointer to his limited education. This is an indication of Boss’ leadership which regards individuals not on the basis of their qualifications but on the basis of blood relationship and perceived loyalty.

Mosese says he has no front when asked by Askari, “What do you think you are doing showing us your back?’ (pg 18)

While responding to Tumbo’s question whether Jusper drinks, Regina replies, ‘there is no brand of beer he hasn’t tasted.’ (pg 41)

In a bid to cover up the heinous crime he has committed Mulili says, “I also ask that, people say his breath smelled full of spirits. That hard stuff” (pg 63) When cornered by Nicodemo he says, “Who said breath, I said his body smelled whiskies.” Humour here is used to portray the wicked and cruel nature of Mulili and clearly points out his direct involvement in the killing of Kabito.

On realizing that tables have been turned in his cousin Boss and the guns are now in the hands of Jere and Mosese, Mulili says, “I go for short call” (pg 72)

Jusper refers to Regina as girlfriend number one (pg 6). Here humour is used to relieve the tension building up following the desecration of Adika’s grave.

It is ridiculously funny how Tumbo confuses Wole Soyinka a renowned writer, for a Prime minister and a politician.

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