The writer has employed the use of figurative language in the play. Metaphors and similes have been used as follows;

  1. Similes

“He was slaughtered like a goat.” This show how Adika was killed mercilessly. While referring to this co-actor in the Pilate story, Jere says of him. ‘he wailed like a woman in a death home’ (pg 23) This is a pointer of the cowardice of the individual.

While referring to the terror inflicted on the citizens by Boss and his henchmen, Jusper tells Regina, they come quietly when you are least expecting and before you realize it, they have pounced on you like hungry leopards.’ (pg 32)

Jusper goes on to say, “I defended his remains like a man.’ (pg34) This shows his determination and bravery in ensuring that his brother’s grave was not desecrated.

  1. Metaphor

Mulili tells Jere, “Big coward Jere, you a woman’ (pg 10) The implication here is that Jere is a coward for sympathising with Nina and Doga.

Jusper tells Regina, “Adika died for the truth……he was killed for asking whether or not we were on the right train’ (pg 34). Jusper here is adverting that Adika died for questioning how the country was being governed.

Tumbo tells Jusper that there is a good potato in the work they are about to do in reference to money.

Mulili refers to Jere as chicken hearted (pg 44)


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