Injustice and Freedom of Expression

There is an inherent fear of speaking the truth in the entire play thus leading to miscarriage of Justice. Those who have spoken the truth have not lived to see their tomorrow but have been brutally exterminated like vermin.

A case in point is Adika, a student leader who is shot dead to silence the students who are protesting about the influx of expatriate personnel into the country. A Young man’s life is so brutally brought to an abrupt end because he chooses to purse the truth in order to attain justice for the greater good of Kafira state.

The student’s lecturer decides to speak the truth during the burial by telling the politicians off when they decide to place restrictions on the mourners. But because speaking one’s mind is not a crime, they plant a drug, one kilogram of opium in his car that gets him imprisoned. This is a serious case of intolerance and miscarriage of justice.

Doga and Nina are murdered in their own hut because they dared challenge one of Boss; closest advisers, Mulili, who is also his relative. They intended to carry out a simple shaving ceremony by the graveside of their murdered son but Mulili declared it a government property. When they seem not to notice his authority, he has them murdered just to prove who holds sway in this country.

When Adika’s murderer, Chagaga he visits the grave to burn the body with petrol, he least expects Jusper to be guarding it. In the struggle that ensues, he gets killed and his body is dumped in the river by Jusper, A court of law should have ordered for a medical examination to determine the mental health of the young man prior to the killing. However, because Chagaga happens to be the sub-chief’s brother, Jusper is locked up in prison.

Mulili cannot tolerate an argument, even a logical one from Kabito with whom he holds a grudge. He misreports him to Boss who orders his death. There is no way a truthful person like Kabito would survive in these circumstances.

Boss’ own wife, Mercedes, is locked up in a cell for protesting against her husband‘s moral standing. He even blames Kabito for inciting the woman to defy him.


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