This is refusal to attend to one’s duty or failure to do what one is expected. In the text, the leadership, especially on the part of the Governor is portrayed as very irresponsible. Georgi Abashwili is very rich and yet his people are extremely poor. He does not want to listen to their pleas even though it is his responsibility, as a Governor, to ensure that they have all the necessities of life. Instead of improving the poor people’s houses, he wants to demolish them to give way for his own garden.

When the Governor attends church, he finds many beggars and petitioners waiting for him on the doorway. He shows no interest in them and instead they are whipped back by his Ironshirts. On the contrary, when it comes to his own son, he spends a lot of money on his clothes and even plans to put up a palace for him. He has hired two doctors to ensure he does not fall sick and he is even driven in a golden carriage.

The Governor shows no interest in the ongoing war and when the injured Rider comes with a message, he does not want to listen to him. He says that he does not wish to receive military news before dinner. Surprisingly, he finds time to speak with the architects. Perhaps his refusal to receive the confidential papers from the Rider may have resulted to his death. The Rider may have been carrying a warning for him to run just as the Grand Duke does.

Natella Abashwili is an irresponsible mother who not only neglects her duties as a mother but also concentrates more on clothing and jewelry instead. After the Governor is killed, Natella runs away with the Adjutant but she forgets to check whether she has the baby with her. She spends time quarreling with her servants and picking her clothes and shoes that she does not confirm where the baby is.

The Governor’s servants are also irresponsible by abandoning the palace and even leaving Michael behind when they run away. The two doctors charged with the responsibility of taking care of Michael are also irresponsible when they keep blaming each whenever the baby cries. When the palace is under attack, they also take off leaving it behind.


  • Is the Monk irresponsible?
  •  Does irresponsibility lead to conflict in the text? If so, how?

 Abuse of Power


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