Plot Summary

Leaving is the story of Aloo, a Tanzanian Asian boy who goes to school locally but fails to be enrolled for the degree he wished to undertake (medicine) in the local university although he performed  exceptionally well in his exams. He is instead enrolled for a course in Agriculture. He had also applied to several universities abroad for a chance. He receives a letter inviting him to California Institute of technology. He is offered a scholarship. When he shows the letter to his mother, the only remaining parent, she’s confused as to whether to allow him go to the US or not. She and some members of, the family seek for advice from Mr. velji, Aloo’s former headmaster. He appreciates the invitation but cautions about the likelihood of the boy not returning at home.

At home, the mother pensively ponders over the matter and at last accepts, cautioning Aloo not to become debauched or marry a white woman. Aloo then goes.

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