Mark Anthony Sigu

Mark Anthony Sigu is Elizabeth’s husband and an Ex-soldier. He studied at St. Mary’s Yala. He works as a manager in a firm in Nakuru. He is portrayed as a determined father who is ready to work hard and provide, bringing up his family in the best way possible.


When Becky leaves home, she writes a note because she is scared of facing him. She also follows his father’s instructions of going back to school for her A levels without much questioning. She is also afraid to introduce her white fiancé to his father for she feared him.

When Aoro is sent away from school, Oloo does not only deny him food, but also gives him a month’s notice to get himself a place of his own. Aoro grows up knowing that his father is a man to be respected and feared.


His life revolves around his wife and seven children. Every time he attains promotion he gathers his family protectively under his wing and resettles them to a bigger house.

He also takes a helping hand in the house since, though they have a house help, his wife is overworked with seven children at home and others in school.

He loves his wife and when he realizes he has been unfaithful to her, he weeps.


Together with his wife Elizabeth, they wrongly diagnosis her attacks of nausea and dizziness as malaria and he proceeds to buy her anti-malaria tablets which end up causing an abortion to their twins.


At the peak of the State of Emergency that brings insecurity in Nakuru, Elizabeth and the children leave Oloo in Nakuru and go back to Aluor for safety. Left alone in Nakuru, Mark develops an illicit love affair with another woman and ignores his family for some time. He gets so involved in the affair that he does not reply to his wife’s letters including those that inform him of the children’s illness.


His family loves him because he is just and fair, firm but understanding. This is evidenced when he accepts Vera’s vocation to the Opus Dei and Tony’s vocation to priesthood. He also accepts with respect Aoro’s and Becky’s wish to marry out of their tribe.


Plot development: Marries Elizabeth and together they have seven children thus he develops the plot.

Theme development: Helps develop themes such as family relationships, change, education, sexual immorality and conflict.

Character development: Helps develop other characters like through him Elizabeth is brought out as emotional, wise, caring and loving.

Style development: His letters to Elizabeth during courtship are full of humuor.

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good wrk well done

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