Obura Kembo

Obura Kembo is the first born son of Owuor Kembo and AKoko Obanda. He joins Kenya African Rifles (KAR) where he does in war in 1919.


Despite being the son of a chief, Obura does not use his position to intimidate his friends but treats them with respect and us equals. He obeys his parents command.


Obura decides to make a voyage out of Sakwa and see the world. He is talked out of it by both parents who thereafter believe that the boy is reformed only for him to go missing one day. He inherited his father stubborn behavior.


He is friendly and overly social interacting with the likes of Nyaroche where he learns of the Jorochere, the Whiteman.


Akoko ensures that Bora is not a lay about. Even though they had servants, Akoko made sure that some of the chores were done by Obura or that Obura helped in looking after her humongous her. In this regard, Obura appreciated hard work and always woke up early.

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Kinton Escoffier
Kinton Escoffier
3 years ago

the boy was furious as he wanted to know mode about the white men and pesa…
he was humble too

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