Otieno Kembo

Otieno Kembo is the younger brother to chief Owour Kembo and chief of Sakwa after the death of Owang’ Sino. He may also be described as:


Despite having not worked in building the wealth of his brother, he relishes it as his own. He and his family expect the Owuor Kembo’s to pay bride price for his sons. Outrageous enough, with mature sons he has no sense of reason but to continue marrying women.


Otieno kembo is avaricious. He envies his brother’s wealth an unashamedly uses it to marry more wives. His greed for power surpasses reason and he steps into Akoko’s wealth when all her sons and husband die. He marries two more wives in quick succession when he is ordained as the custodian of the chief’s stool.


He fears Akoko despite her small body. When Akoko rouses the whole village in the morning, he threatens to teach her a lesson but grows cold feet when she confronts him. He also fears to confront AKoko when he learns that she had reported him to the DO.


He does not value women; he treats his wives like sluts while his brother treats his wife like a queen. He does consider the situation of his women and that is why, in Akoko’s words, they go borrowing food in the house of the money due to the number of children growing in his house hold. He abusive Akoko when she threatens to go back to her people in Yimbo.

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