Owang’ Sino

Owang’ Sino is the last born to Akoko and Chief Owuor Kembo. He became Chief in his father stead. He dies after choking on a fish bone.

Loving/considerate/an apple of his father’s eye

He glows with pride when his father is around. He knows that with the death of his brother, a young man of repute, a huge responsibility had been bestowed on him (Owang Sino)

His leadership therefore is without incident. He shows love and consideration to his subjects and tries as much as he can to earn their love.

Eager to please/Ready to please

As a young boy he was always calm and eager to please. After the death of Owuor Kembo he tries his best to be the image of Owuor Kembo or a better person for he lived in the shadow of his (Owuor’s) fame. When he becomes chief he is good to his subjects like his predecessor but the people of Sakwa get shocked when he chokes on a fish bone and dies.


He is not rebellious and does not exercise his will like his brother. He follows the dictates of chik and marries as soon as was deem fit. He takes over his responsibility as chief and subjects himself to making his people happy.

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