Owuor Kembo

Owuor Kembo is the chief of Sakwa. At young age he had to personally go to Yimbo to negotiate for Akoko to become his wife. Owuor with Akoko get three children; Obura who dies in 1919, Nyabera and Owang’ Sino. He dies leaving the chieftaincy to Owang’ Sino

Decisive/Proud/A Man of Honor

Chief Owuor Kembo decides to surprise his in-laws by paying the suggested bride price. this reveals to us his pride an devaluation of life. He is the kind of a person who takes challenges easily as long as he knows the value of the challenge. In so doing, he earned the respect of Yimbo and admiration of Sakwa and above all the love of Akoko. Chief Odero Gogni tells Oloo, his Spokesman to set the bride price at 30 so as he can trim the pride of this people from Savanna land.

When he visits Yimbo he stands upright exuding respect and honour. The writer says he was obviously a man of Nyadhi.


He listens to the council of jodongo before he makesany decision. When he is told of the antecedents of Akoko he listens keenly and every word of the Jawng’yo, the spy, goes to his making what will be his ultimate decision-to marry Akoko no matter the cost. His choice of words reveals a person who is thoughtful before he speaks. He generously accepts to the 30 head of cattle of bride without negotiations. He is ready to share his office with the family of Otieno Kembo, he tells the elders that Otieno has many children who can take over chieftaincy in case his own son is taken away.

Stubborn/Incorrigible/quick tempered

Chief Owuor Kembo stubbornly remains monogamous in a land that worships polygamy. This is aggravated by the fact that Akoko, however beautiful, was not the kind of a woman who easily got children and therefore the children came in sparingly.

Despite pleas for his mother and incessant calls from the council of jodongo, Owuor sticks to his decision of having only one wife. He was in position of marrying more wives but he was satisfied by having only one wife a condition that almost caused him to smite his mother out of anger.

This incident occurred when Owuor arrived home to find his wife missing. He learns that she had had to leave after being accused by the mother-in-law of being a juok. After his anger was calm, he called the council of Jodongo and wisely consulted, stubbornly insisting that he should bring the mother of his children back regardless of the dissents among the elders.


Owour loved his wife so much that he did not further wish her any more pain when she gave birth to Owang’ Sino after a laborious labour. He decided not to try and make any more children. He persistently remains monogamous despite the incessant calls from the people of Sakwa because of his feeling for Akoko. He is satisfied by her. Akoko is treated as a queen and she does not disappoint in contrast Otieno Kembo treats his wives like sluts and they do not disappoint either.

Owuor likes to sit around with his wife and listen not only to her voice but also to the wise counsel she espouses. He makes friends with her and after the evening meal he would go to her house to talk. A wonderful man indeed!

He carefully advises Obura to forsakes his dreams about seeing the world and concentrate on getting ready to be chief after he is gone. He does not use force over his child but let’s Obura speak his mind.

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4 years ago

Very comprehensive and well detailed summary on the character traits of Owuor Kembo Splendid job.

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