Proverbs are pithy statements that are mainly employed to give advice or to caution. Several instances of proverbs are evident in the text.

The writer has used proverbs to illustrate the wisdom of Doga and his realistic nature. He says, “a mouse does not share a bowl with a cat.’ (pg 3) which implies that they cannot share mutual relationship with the sub-chief whose brother, Chagaga, is responsible for the death of Adika

When Nina suggests that they should report to the sub-chief what has just happened to the grave, Doga uses a proverb to explain her failure to see the futility of her actions. Thus he says, ‘….when dry thunder tears the sky before our eyes, do we forget the storm of yesterday?” (pg 3)

Doga insists that the shaving ceremony must go on regardless of the obstacles that they face. He uses a proverb. “A cloudy sky does not always cry rain’ (pg 3)

Kabito tells Nicodemo, “the tree climber begins from the bottom, not top’ (pg 53). Through this proverb, Kabito wishes to be informed the terms of service of the committee before their meeting. The potrayal of Kabito is that of a materialistic, greedy and self-centred individual.

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