Rebeccah Sigu

Rebeccah Sigu or Becky is one of the twin daughters of Mark Sigu and Elizabeth Awiti. They are the eldest. Becky is brought out as follows;


She is utterly selfish. Even after being informed of Tony’s illness, she continues lie in bed. “Few things bored her much as sickness, suffering and death.” She just”………stretched luxurious in bed enjoying the feel of her young lithe body.”(pg 181)

After her a-levels, she disappears to Nairobi without informing her parents. She just leaves a note and leaves Vera to do the explanation.


She draws love from one and all from a vey early stage, just plain irresistible. She has very many admires from her childhood up to almost the time she dies. She even marries a white man.

Unfaithful/Promiscuous/ immoral

Becky has an illicit love affair while her husband, John, is out of the country. This leads to their divorce when John finds out. Vera complains about her changing of men frequently as she changed clothes! She throws herself at every man as if she hates herself. This distances her from her children and she ends up dying of AIDS.


She is jealous of the attention Mary is given and wonders whether the latter has to murder to be punished. When Vera turns from a gawky faced teenager into a striking young woman and boys start noticing her, Becky notices this and becomes jealous.

When Vera goes to visit her at the airport and she takes her to her home, she confesses that she has been jealous of Vera all her life


Becky loves the things of this world. She loves money and what it can buy.


Even if she lives an irresponsible life, she financially caters for her death; the family is surprised to find that she has left her own children very well financially off. She has left a hefty insurance, a string of maisonettes, two bungalows in Spring Valley and a block of offices and shops in west lands. She has also left clear documents and things legally tied up. She had appointed a firm of trustees to run her affairs on behalf of the children and of their benefit. Her sister Vera has been appointed guardian of the children and is allowed to choose which family member they would live with.


Theme development: She is used to develop themes such as; Education, relationships, change, immorality, conflict and materialism.

Character development: Through her interaction with other characters, their character traits are brought out. For instance, Vera is portrayed as loving, concerned and hardworking. Her father is depicted as strict and concerned while Wandia is portrayed as concerned and selfless.

Style development: Becky is contrasted with her sister Vera, who excels at school.

Plot development: she influences the plot by adding Jonny and Alicia to the ‘river’ that was started by her great-grandmother, Akoko.

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Liz mwesh
Liz mwesh
5 years ago

I like the novel very much

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