Many characters are seen to be involved in various actions against each other in an attempt to avenge wrongs done against them

Jusper avenges the death of his brother Adika by killing Chagaga the sub chief’s brother the man who had apparently killed Adika by shooting him four times. Jere tells Jusper’s parents that “people had seen him drag the body to the river…” pg 12

Jere pleads with Mulili to allow the old couple continues with the ceremony. Mulili vehemently refuses and even imitates a priest’s burial liturgy an action that infuriates Jere who chases him away and even threatens to shot him. Mulili threatens him that he shall pay for his actions and true to his words Jere s put behind bars.

After killing Chagaga and being put behind bars, Jusper’s parents are found dead an indication that someone had further avenged the killing of Chagaga. Jusper further says, “I will revenge someday…” pg 33 to which we see him killing Mulili at the end of the play who must have been involved in the killings.

During the meeting by the committee organizing for the entertainment for the visiting dignitary, there is a quarrel and bitter exchange over an apparent misunderstanding between Kabito and Mulili. Mulili reports Kabito to Boss with many false allegations and this leads to the killing of Kabito.

At the end of the play Jusper is seen shooting Mulili dead. His is because Mulili is a symbol of the ills that have affected the state of Kafira. In fact Jusper says on p74 that “I did it for Kafira”


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