Sandra Street

Plot Summary


Sandra Street is the story of a boy, who belongs to a class of other boys in a school situated around Sandra Street. Their English teacher, Mr. Blades, a very observant and critical person regularly gives them composition writing tests. In the first test they write about Sandra Street. Kenneth, a boy from another side of the town, excels as he is very observant and captures fine details in his work.


The boys from Sandra Street are envious and unhappy about what Kenneth wrote about their street suggesting it is dull and sleepy. The teacher has a sneaking liking for Steve; the narrator and urges him to be quite observant; but however much Steve tries, he never just clicks. For instance, Steve  talks of the greenery, particularly  the bananas in the hills where he has been. He decides to visit  the hills with the teacher. When they arrive, Steve secretes ripen bananas from a bush where he hid them on an earlier visit. He thinks this will impress the teacher. When he invites the teacher to get the ripen bananas, the teacher is shocked and disgusted with Steve urging him to be more observant about the environment than food!.

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4 years ago

Suggest a different title for the passage

critic 101
critic 101
4 years ago

It is quite an interesting book but it lacks element of suspense

2 years ago

It needs something. I just don’t know what.

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