The elite (the educated) in any society should be actively involved in emancipating their societies from downfall especially occasioned by poor leadership. The same happens in the state of Kafira through various characters.

The university students led by Adika are seen demonstrating against the influx of expatriates in the country. This is because this has been the leading cause of unemployment. This however leads to the death of Adika but it’s important to notice that they had expressed their misgivings against the government.

Through Mosese we also find that the elites are almost giving up on the government and even turning their backs to the goings on in the state. This is seen in Mosese’s words when asked why he is showing his back to Jere and Askari to which he answers I have no front. However we see him speaking out his mind against the oppression I the state which leads to his imprisonment on trumped up charges.

Mosese in his trance/dream agrees to participate in the play together with Jere, another elite. It is evident that it is through their role in the play that they manage to bring order to the state of Kafira by ousting and killing the evil element in government in Mulili.

Jusper, an elite, is actively involved in ousting the oppressive regime it is he who writes the controversial play through which they overthrow the government. It is him still who shoots Mulili the evil element and hence hope for Kafira as he says at the end of the play that, “I did it for Kafira. I did it for all of you people.” Pg 74


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