The War of Ears

Plot Summary

The War of Ears is a story of a resilient family; mother (ma Beeda) and son (Beeda). They live their lives in the ubiquitous fear of death at the hands of a rebel group which keeps reminding them to close Nandere Primary School which they’re running in the village. Mother and son defy all odds to keep the school going.

On one side , are Ugandan government troops who stamp hard on the rebels and their sympathizers and on the other side, there are rebel forces who hold sway and have imposed a reign of terror on the village particularly government supporters (like teachers and other workers). Each person in the community lives in perpetual fears of who the spies of either side are and when an attack is likely to come. The school Ma Beeda has founded and runs is (though successful) in continuous fear of colonel Kalo’s forces (rebels) who bristle in the village at night. Howevere, the resilience, defiance and devotion of ma Beeda and Beeda and their hopes keep the school going on.

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4 years ago

You haven’t discussed the effects of militia groups referring to the story. The war of Ears. Coz i came aross such a guestion

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