Veronicah sigu

Veonicah Sigu or ‘Vera’ is Becky’s twin sister. The two are Elizabeth and Sigu’s first children. She is the first born of the two twins. She is a lady with many positive points, a replica of her mother and great grandmother, Akoko. She can be described as;


Her tears are ready to fall at the slightest provocation. She is about to cry when her mother tries to persuade her to consider refusing to go to a national school. When she has an argument with her sister, tears well in her eyes and she dashes them away angrily with her fist. She almost engages in a physical fight with her sister.


She carries off trophy after trophy. She is into everything like debate and sports. After primary national exam, she gets an almost perfect score and wins a place at a top national school. In her secondary national school. In her secondary national exams, she gets distinction in Math, Biology, Physics and Geography. In her A-level, she gets As in Mathematics and Physics and a B in chemistry. She opts to go for engineering.


She has a great capacity for love. She has a passionate nature and is completely loyal and her sister is the object of her love and protection. “She was willing and ready to do battle with anyone who crossed Becky’s path and was a fearless fighter.”(pg 166)

At five, she almost tears a playmate apart before anyone realizes what is happening, because she is screaming while pummeling him. She loves her sister and shows her off to all. She opts to go to her sister’s school rather than a top national school. She still goes to look for Becky at the airport even when she thinks that Becky might not want to see her. She confesses to Becky that she actually loved Tommy only that she cannot marry him. She and Wandia become automatic friends.


She is made a captain in class seven, a position only held before by boys. Her mother allows her to join Becky’s secondary school so that she can look after her twin sister.

She talks to Becky until she agrees to go and inform her parents about her impending marriage. Although she is not married and does not have children, Becky entrusts the care and future of her children to her.


Although she treats church going as a formality, and is a good Christian through her childhood, she becomes very religious while in college after Mary-Anne introduces her to a “recollection”. She starts a hungry search for religious enlightenment and dedicates her life to God as an unmarried member of the Opus Dei.

Hardworking/ industrious

After form six, when Becky decides just to stay at home, Vera gets a job as a teacher in a nearby harambee school.

Her excellent grades are always due to brilliance and hardwork.

With her tremendous energy, she participates in many school activities and carries trophy after trophy.

She chooses engineering because she thinks it is more challenging than architecture.


Theme development: She is used to develop themes such as; change, education, women empowerment, conflict and religion.

Character development: Through her, we are able to see Becky is as jealous and hateful, while her interactions with Wandia portray her (Wandia) as loving and concerned.

Style development: She contributes in the style of juxtaposition as her character is juxtaposed with that of Becky.

Plot development: through her birth, the ‘river’ that Akoko had started continues.

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2 years ago

I really admire her in everything.
She is indeed my role model

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