Vivid Description


Owour Kembo is vividly described; “Even without his black and white Columbus monkey headdress, he stood head and shoulders above most men. He was obviously a man of nyadhi…..he has a spear in one hand, a shield in the other and splashes of white war paint across his body. His face was virtually tattooed, his head set proudly on his shoulders and he wore only a tiny piece of leopard skin…..(pg 18)

Akoko’s beauty is brought out through vivid description; “her eyes were set apart and neither too small nor too big, her teeth were white and even with a bewitching gap at the centre of the upper set. Her ears with earrings dangling from tiny holes were perfectly shaped standing just at the right angle from her head. And that neck! It was fit to inspire praise songs from nyatiti

players! And were those two whole rings on her navel? ……As for her legs, Were must have curved them out personally rather than one of his apprentices.” (pg 28)

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