Wandia Sigu

Wandia Sigu is Aoro’s wife, she is a doctor. She comes from a different community from her husband. The writer uses her to demystify inter-tribal marriages. She is developed as a character that is;


At the school of medicine, when told to stand in groups before the cavader, she is the first person to gather courage to move towards it. She courageously asks the group members to make introduction which helps them to ease the tension.

Her boldness is also shown when she takes the first step towards cementing their relationship. She goes ahead and proposes to him. She, “When are you going to propose if at all……..”(pg 256)


The battle for the top position in the anatomy class is between her and Aoro, and she finally beats him. The writer says, “But Wandia had beaten him…..she had 78 points.”(pg 127)


Her mother, to whom she has always been close, means a lot to her. She has fond memories of her childhood with her mother. When she learns that her mother is admitted in hospital, she asks her friends to cover for her at Machakos Hospital where she is an intern so that she can visit her.

Her love, care and understanding are exhibited when she adopts Becky’s children: Alicia and Johnny. She handles them better than their real mother.

Though she is a doctor with a tight schedule her love and care for her children and husband are not affected. She finds that she has time for them and understands them well and their academic potentials.

She loves her mother-in-law, Elizabeth, and always consults her. “The relationship between her and her mother was a constant source of amusement……other’s guts? (pg 294-295)


She portrays several incidences of determination and ambition in life, at her early age that she wants to be a doctor. She later achieves this through her determination when after her second degree; she gets a scholarship to study haematology at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland.


She has observed that Becky has lost significant weight and advises Vera that they have more cause to worry due to Becky’s promiscuity.

She is the first to realize that their son Daniel, though a happy child, has a problem because at the age of four he still drools a little. He has down syndrome. Later through close observation and keenness as a mother she realizes that Daniel has Leukemia. The writer says, “But today her keen eyes watched him frantically……..”(pg 286)


Though Wandia is younger than Vera, Vera seeks advice from her due to their mutual understanding. This is seen when Vera seeks advice on Becky’s behavior towards her children after divorcing John.

She cautions Aoro, her husband, that though they have busy schedules as doctors, they have children and should not forget they need them.



Theme development: She is used by the writer to portray the theme of change, Education and relationships

Character development: Through her Aoro is portrayed as determined and supportive.

Style development: She is also used to bring out humour and dialogue as a feature of style.

Plot development: she gives birth to four other children and adopts Becky’s children.

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