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Betrayal in the City

Introducing Betrayal in the City.

The play Betrayal in the City is set in a fictional African country name Kafira in the post independence era. During this period, Africans end up disappointed when the African leaders they had hoped to bring change become perpetrators of corruption, dictatorship, nepotism and assassinations.

Betrayal in the City is a story of Kafira, a fictional Independent country headed by Boss.The country is experiencing political upheavals that are a result of an oppressive dictatorial government. Social evils such as corruption, nepotism, arbitrary arrests and assassinations have become common in Kafira.

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A demonstration is organised by concerned university students to protest against the influx of expatriate specialists/workers. This leads to the death of a student, Adika, who is shot by a police officer –Chagaga.

It is after Adika’s funeral that Mosese, a lecturer is arrested for criticising the government’s actions. After the funeral, Jusper, Adika’s brother, kills Chagaga in revenge and throws his body into a river. Jusper is later arrested for the offence.
Two soldiers, Jere and Mulili are sent to Adika’s home to prevent his parents from holding the customary shaving ceremony in his wake. On arrival they find Nina and Doga, Adika’s parents, preparing for the shaving ceremony.

Confronted by the situation, Jere decides to allow Nina and Doga to continue with the ceremony but Mulili firmly disagrees. The two soldiers quarrel leading to Jere’s arrest. Because of an impending visit of a foreign head of state, Boss decides to have a play staged by prisoners as part of the guest’s entertainment. Mosese and Jere are therefore approached and requested to take part in the play. Boss promises to set free 600 prisoners if the project is successful.

Mr. Tumbo, Boss’ right hand man, approaches Jusper asking him to write a play for the occasion. He promises Jusper good payment in return. Jusper agrees to write a play which is later acted by Jere and Mosese.

A prisoner falls ill before the rehearsals and therefore Boss offers to step in. Later he orders his guards to give him their guns to be used as props after realising that the props weren’t ready. Using the guns, the actors challenge Boss and his cronies in a cleverly crafted coup. Jusper shoots Mulili in revenge.

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