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Twilight Trek

Plot Summary

In Twilight Trek, the narrator is a young man whose mother is a prostitute and wishes the young man to steep himself in such unethical ways of living in order to earn money. He rejects his mother’s ways. He discovers his talent as footballer and wants to escape to Spain in Europe to further his talent. He chooses to use an illegal route to travel to Europe. He travels through the Sahara desert. On this trip he meets a young lady called patience with whom he develops close friendship. Patience with whom he develops close friendship. Patience is from Bamako, Mali.

A Tuareg driver takes them to Morocco where they enter a secret camp in the mountain forest . The Nigerian leader of the camp, obazee, tells him ways crossing to Spain tour. He tells him that one can cross by dinghy (Samsura) or by boat (pateras). The trip by dinghy is dangerous as it can easily capsize. A boat is better but it cost more and a dinghy cost less.

Patience says she intends to go Rome and convinces him to give him his money so that she and another business woman can go to Tangier to arrange for Samsara for crossing to Spain. The narrator discovers that later she has conned him of his money. She never comes back. He is left stranded in the camp.

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