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When the Sun Goes Down

Plot Summary


When the Sun Goes Down deals with the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. The main character, Steve, a fairly wealthy young person, is avoided by people in his society who see him as having inherited the wife of an HIV/AIDS victim. His close friend Kanja who has also kept a part, approaches him to find out the truth. Kanja is quite uncertain and afraid as he mixes with Steve and Maureen (the inherited wife) when he gets to their house. He doesn’t feel free to take any meal. He declines to take a drink offered by Maureen and this depresses her so much. He later is escorted out by Steve.


Maureen has a guilty conscience as she feels she has infected the innocent Steve. But Steve looks so confident and undaunted; he is quite reassuring. People’s negative comments, innuendo and conduct have so adversely affected Maureen; she keeps wavering between depression and hope. Steve is consistently loving and reassuring. During one of her moods of depression, Maureen stops taking her drugs and pneumonia, an opportunistic illness strikes killing her. She’s   buried and life continues for her son Kimotho and his father Steve.

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