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‘New’ Set Texts for 2017 (Update)

The Ministry of Education and KICD may be set to introduce a list of ‘new’ set texts for 2017. The list contains both current titles and some new ones in both English and Kiswahili. Some texts such as The River and the Source, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Betrayal in the City and Kidagaa Kimemwozea have

Best Romantic Novels Every Teenager Should be Reading

In My Literature Lesson today, I want to look at some of the best romantic novels for teenagers out there. The December holiday is here with us, no school does not mean no reading. Right? Let’s face it; if you have teenagers, the debate over what they should be reading is almost a lost cause.

Changing Times in ‘The River and the Source’

My literature lesson today looks at ‘change’ and its influence on the plot and the characters in the novel. To begin with, we need to bear in mind that ‘change’ refers to a situation that becomes different from the previous. Change begins, in this society, when Akoko’s father breaks tradition by asking for thirty head

Meet, 77 year-old novelist, Anita Desai

My Literature Lesson, today, focuses on an amazing lady who has been writing for almost seven decades. For readers of the anthology “When the Sun Goes Down and Other Stories from Africa and Beyond”, the name Anita Desai might be familiar – and it should be – since she is the author of “Diamond Dust”

Introducing Francis Imbuga’s Betrayal in the City

If I were asked to list three books that have shaped and defined the literary landscape of Kenya, then Francis Imbuga’s ‘Betrayal in the City’ would definitely be included. Not only is this book widely known to the Kenyan audience but it also played a critical role in summarizing what ailed the country at the

Loss and Suffering as presented in ‘The River and the Source’

In My Literature Lesson, today, I want to focus on a very dominant thematic concern in Ogola’s novel, The River and the Source – Loss and Suffering. First, Loss and suffering co-exist alongside each other in The River and the Source. Major characters such as Akoko, Nyabera, Owuor Kembo, Elizabeth Awiti, Vera, Becky, Aoro and

Is ‘Twilight Trek’ today’s Exodus?

My Literature Lesson, today, is about one of my my favourite readings from the anthology, “When the Sun Goes Down and Other Stories from Africa and Beyond”. “Twilight Trek” by Nigerian novelist, Sefi Atta, is indeed, a work of art. In this story, Sefi highlights the challenges that Africans face as they attempt to run

Ever read Margaret Ogola’s best seller?

I will start My Literature Lesson with a look at one of Kenya’s most iconic female writers of our time. The late Margaret Ogola was certainly one of the most prolific writers in East Africa. Her book ‘The River and the Source’ is a household title in many Kenyan homes and schools. The text was